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Striking handcrafted earrings that beautifully capture an abstraction of the natural world. 


These single earrings include one piercing with a charm that dangles gently by the lobe, attached with three chains to an ear cuff that wraps around the outer part of the ear.


The 12mm round drop is made of a glass cabochon placed over a piece of my own artwork. Because of this, they are complementary earrings, their brilliant colours carefully selected to match without being identical: Asymmetrical and yet still the perfect pair. The way the patterns and colours flow and intertwine appear reminiscent of natural gemstones. A closer look and you might see it as a representation of our ancient earth, the deepest oceans, or even the wispy nebulas that surround our tiny world.


The metal is stainless steel.

Earring Chain Cuffs