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A dreamy, meditative comic about falling into the depths and facing the demons that haunt there.

To be read the wrong side up and the right way down.

The images came first.

These strikingly high-contrast blue and white scenes emerged after a spillage in the  studio and a desire not to waste a single drop. They transformed into a series that showed a journey through icy vistas and peculiar storms, marked by hidden creatures and waiting beasts.

I always felt they needed words to help guide the reader through them and through a self-imposed writing retreat I finally found them.

Having always been a fan of writers whose works are told as much through their typography and design as the words themselves, I saw no reason to be constrained to ordinary comic formats. The images reveal new scenes with new orientations and so the orientation of the text adjusts accordingly.


This comic is meant to be read and spun and read again and even though you might be able to read text upside-down, reading an image upside-down is something else, especially when you've already interpreted it the current way up. So, flow with the text and see what the new perspectives reveal.

You can read the full comic in the e-reader at the bottom of the page or purchase your own copy here.


For the best reading experience, view the e-reader at full screen (accessed via the three-bar menu icon in the top right corner of the e-reader, not the website). If you're on a computer, choose the book spread option and if you're on a mobile or tablet, select the single spread option so that you can turn your device as the text and images turn.

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