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Reach out with any questions, comments or requests and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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Do you do commissions?

Yes! This includes original works as well as prints and either single pieces or a series. I also do art commissions for album covers, book covers, video games, comic books and more. Some examples can be found here.

I’ve seen a piece on your social media that I really like, but I can’t find it in your shop. Is it available?

Maybe! Let me know which piece you’re interested in and I might be able to make it available to you via a custom order.

What if I want a print in a different size to what you have available?

That’s absolutely fine! Just place an order here or contact me using the form above and I can create a custom order for you.

Are you able to print pieces on canvas or other mounts?

Yes! I can have pieces printed on canvas, aluminium dibond, high-gloss acrylic, and an eco-friendly canvas alternative. Let me know which piece you’re interested in and on what mount and I’ll create a custom order for you.

Do you sell originals?

Not at the moment! My hand-painted notebooks are the only original pieces of art I currently sell. Find them here.

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