Custom Print: Paper

Custom Print: Paper

Seen a painting you like but it isn't available in the shop? Or it is but you would like it in a different size? No worries, you can place a custom order here.


1. Select the finish you would like

2. Select the size boundary that is closest to the longest side of your desired size. For example, if you would like a print that is 60 x 84 cm, you would select 80 cm. 

3. Enter the name or the URL of the painting you would like.

4. Enter your desired size. The length of the longest edge is the most important - the length of the shorter edge will depend on the proportions of the painting you have chosen. I will contact you to confirm the final size before completing the order.


Please note that if your desired size does not correspond with the selected size boundary, I will cancel your order and ask you to place a new one with the correct size boundary.


All the paintings in the gallery or shop pages are available for custom orders. Paintings seen on social media may not yet be available for custom orders but I might be able to prepare it for you. If I am not, I will cancel your order and provide a full refund. For further information or to check the availability of a painting, contact me directly via the contact page.