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Hardback Notebook Lined A5 - I

Hardback Notebook Lined A5 - I

Lined hardback notebook with a hand-painted cover. Each one is entirely unique and irreproducable, created through experimentation and made for happy accidents and creative play. This is a notebook to fill with messes and ambitions, where nothing is a mistake and everything is worthy.


  • A useable piece of art - each comes signed and numbered
  • A5 size - ‎21 x 14 cm
  • Casebound - lies flat when opened
  • 148 pages (296 sides)
  • 80gsm faint-lined off-white paper. Can handle most dry and wet mediums without bleedthrough and minimal feathering.
  • Perfect as a notebook and would make a striking and unique addition to any stationery lover’s collection.


Speaking as a not-so-closeted stationery addict and hoarder of fascinating notebooks, these are some of my favourite. They look like old tomes, whilst being lightweight and very tactile. The paper is thick and sturdy, the tooth is just rough enough and the unbleached pages make for gentle viewing. Parting with each one makes for some sweet sorrow, but I'm happy and hopeful that filling them will bring as much joy to someone else as painting them brought me.

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