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Dark Earth Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings

Dark Earth Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings

Striking handcrafted earrings that beautifully capture an abstraction of the natural world.


These huggie earrings hug the ear with a modest 8mm inner hoop and a bold, colourful drop.


The 14mm round drop is made of a glass cabochon placed over a piece of my own artwork. Because of this, they are complementary earrings, their brilliant colours carefully selected to match without being identical: Asymmetrical and yet still the perfect pair. The way the patterns and colours flow and intertwine appear reminiscent of natural gemstones. A closer look and you might see it as a representation of our ancient earth, the deepest oceans, or even the wispy nebulas that surround our tiny world.


At first glance, they are a simple splash of colour, but these unique pieces invite a closer look. Their infinite complexities raise far more questions than they could ever answer.


The metal is surgical stainless steel and should be suitable for even sensitive ears.

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