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At the cell factory, it's your job to find and deal with cancerous cells with the appropriate treatments.


2D graphic artist

Made for:

JamTheMess: Educational games untangling the messy mechanics of cancer

Play here:

This game was developed as part of the Jam the Mess game jam, funded by the Wellcome Trust and organised between Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University, with the intention of developing a game that could be used to ‘unravel the mess’ of cancer development and treatment.

I worked as part of a team to develop a game that could educate players on how cancer cells form and are treated. We used the concept of a cell factory that creates cells along a conveyor belt. Players need to spot the faulty cells and choose the appropriate treatment to deal with them. Our game, CanCELLed was chosen out of all participating teams to be developed further and translated into Welsh.

My role as the 2D artist was to develop a mascot and logo to represent the game, as well as any other 2D components.

The white blood cell mascots

As the game was geared more towards a younger audience, I created a cute mascot of a white blood cell, dressed as a doctor to relay game information to the player. I also created another version with slightly different colours and clothing to represent a second doctor/messenger that would provide warnings and other critical information.

The logo

The logo was designed to emphasise the ‘CELL’ element of the CanCELLed name, both by displaying clusters of cells (the round orbs) and clustering them specifically over and under the CELL in CanCELLEd.

Also created this infographic to explain the central dogma of molecular biology to introduce players to the core theories of the game

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